Module 2: Calling


Create Belonging

Outcome: The disciple discerns God’s redemptive work in their past in order to establish a life theme.

One important aspect of following Jesus is understanding how God has used your life experiences to form you into who you are today. We often think our lives are chains of random, meaningless events. However, when we encounter Jesus, we realize that we have a God who is present in all of it—even the difficult times.

In this module, the disciple will have an opportunity to plot out the main events of their life, and with the discipler acting as a guide, discern God’s presence and purpose through it all. The disciple will begin to recognize what God has been doing and saying throughout their lifetime, even when they couldn’t see or hear him. As we start to see God in our own stories, we discover the unique ways we belong within God’s story. This helps us understand who we are and what we are uniquely called to do.

Module 2 Resources

Meeting 2.1

Meeting 2.2

Meeting 2.3

Meeting 2.4

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