Module 5: Hospitality


Create Belonging

Outcome: The disciple extends hospitality to an outsider.

When we think of “hospitality,” we might think of being welcomed into someone’s home for a nice meal. This is certainly a crucial part of hospitality—welcoming others to our table and serving them. Few things create community better than a shared meal.

This module will make space for us to develop this habit of welcoming others (who are often not like us) into our lives. However, it’s not only about inviting people to our house. It’s about living a life of openness to others and inviting them to the family of God. For a christian to live a life of hospitality is to live the life of an evangelist: always inviting people to have a seat at God’s table where they belong.

Module 5 Resources

Meeting 5.1

Meeting 5.2

Meeting 5.3

Meeting 5.4


You’ve made it over halfway through the Discipleship Pathway. Way to go! Now that you’ve made it this far, we wanted to throw in a BONUS MODULE you’ll want to check out!

Ever wanted to learn more about fighting spiritual battles, but didn’t know where to start? This 3-part module on spiritual warfare is a great place to begin.

You can either pause before or after Module 5 to complete it, or simply move on without it. CLICK HERE to access the Spiritual Warfare module.

Bonus module created by Megan Koch.

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