Jesus People: A 12 Week Discipleship Pathway for Teens

Photo: Jon Tyson

What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

When you hang out with church people, it’s easy to learn what to say and do to fit in. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you know Jesus. We can do a lot of things to look good with other Christians, but still not understand what it means to live everyday life with Jesus, or to become just like him. The world doesn’t need more people who know how to fit in at church. The world needs Jesus people.

You become a Jesus person when you start to interact with Jesus every day and learn how to live your life straight from him. And you can’t do that alone. Your church family is the perfect place to go to learn how to do that together. That’s what this journey is for. This tool will help you build relationships and habits into your life that keep you walking and talking with Jesus together.

How It Works

This tool was created with middle and high school students in mind. The 12-week structure fits well into a school semester or a summer break. The only materials needed are a Bible, a notebook or journal, and a printed copy of this booklet. This journey has a 3-part rhythm: daily habits, weekly meetings, and monthly hang outs.

Week 1 introduces a daily habit of Bible reading and prayer on your own, and that pattern continues throughout the journey. Five days of Scripture are provided, and two days are left open. The group will check in with each other weekly with a guided discussion (in person or via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Polo, or text) and will hang out monthly to have fun and pray together.

Each group has 1 Guide and 2-4 disciples (all male or all female). Churches decide their own qualifications for Guides. See the full booklet for more details.

Additional Resources

We’re curating a growing list of resources for Guides, parents, and teens using this pathway. Visit our Resource Page to access videos, podcasts, Bible studies, book recommendations, and more that can help take your conversations to the next level.

Questions? Visit the Contact Page to get in touch.

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